My name is Harold McGruther, but friends in low places have called me McGoo since I was 11. Before social media-fueled narcissism matasticized 15 years ago, I was a copywriter at a SoCal micro agency. Today I sling facts, opinions and BS on this blog when I’m not designing products for the motorcycle gear company I co-founded in 2006, Biltwell Inc.

I’m an only child of a single parent. I’m neat to the extreme, fussy about fashion but never stylish, and a reasonably good cook. I enjoy nice things, but rarely splurge for the best of anything, as I prefer to invest in memorable experiences with my wife and step-son.

World travel is my enduring passion, but when I recount the stamps in my passport, my Id can easily convince my Super Ego I haven’t done shit. Whistlestops over the years include every state in the Union by car, Hawaii by plane, Alaska by ship, and nearly three dozen countries in Europe, South America, and Great Britain. Asian destinations include China, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. The latter could be considered my second home, as I’ve been there over 100 times since my first visit in 1985.

That’s all for now. If something important comes to mind, and if I can figure out how to publish it, you’ll see it here first.